Cold Spray Repair

Restore and repair high-performance parts without thermal stress.

We provide industry-leading cold spray repair for our clients throughout the world from our headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. With our specialty in aerospace components and our long history in the industry, you can rely on Ohlinger to deliver pristine results that extend the life of your components safely.

Cold Spray Repair

Cold spray is revolutionizing aerospace repair methodologies, offering high bond strength and minimal heat affected zones.

Cold spray repairs are ideal for:

  • Diameter restoration
  • Surface restoration
  • Corrosion repair
  • and more…

Along with our other metal spray options, we’ve utilized cold spray for various repairs within the aerospace industry to extend the life of the parts. With over 50 years of dedicated service, Ohlinger is a trusted partner to major brands throughout the industry. Our on-site engineering group is here to support your needs. Our reasonable rates and quick turnaround times ensure strong, long-term relationships with clients who care about detail and precision.

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Gearbox after cold spray
Gearbox diameter after Cold Spray application; ready for final machining.
Gearbox after final machining
Gearbox after final machining