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What is Cold Spray?

Cold spray is the process in which particles are propelled through kinetic energy onto a prepared surface without the undesirable chemical and stress changes associated with other Thermal Spray technologies.

What makes Cold Spray unique?

The particles of powders are applied by supersonic heated gas flow without reaching their melting point, which allows them to maintain most of their original properties, creating a very dense coating with virtually no oxidation or loss of strength.

Benefits of using Cold Spray processing:

  • Corrosion protection from the dense coating properties.
  • No heat effected areas on the original components surface.
  • Thicker coatings can be applied vs. other thermal processing types.
  • Very low porosity deposits.
  • High bond strengths.
  • Applied below the melting point of the materials


      DSC05039.JPG   IMG_5404.JPG

From left to right.

  1. Compressor Shroud after final machining and chemical conversion coating
  2. Compressor Shroud immediately after Cold Spray application, ready for final machining


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