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Epoxy based repairs have become a very effective method to re-establish worn components.  From worn gear pockets, eroded port plates, to surface corrosion, epoxy repairs will extend the life of your component.

Ohlinger's proven epoxy repairs offers endless applications for your Main Engine and APU components.

Epoxy characteristics

Heat resistant up to 400 Deg

Repair repeatability

Excellent lubricating properties


Ohlinger is your one stop source for your pumps, fuel controls and valve repairs.  Ohlinger has proven its ability to outperform the competition in precision machining of tight tolerance components.  Besides, we go beyond just repairing worn and eroded areas with epoxy; we perform bushing/sleeve repairs, weld repair of cracked or broken surfaces, disassembly and assembly. This is one of many services we provide which makes us the leader in the aerospace technology field.

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