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As a manufacturer of precision machined parts and accessories for over 50 years, Ohlinger Industries Inc. has developed a widely recognized leadership position in the aerospace overhaul and repair industry. We serve a global customer base consisting of original equipment manufacturers, overhaul facilities and airlines. We specialize in the overhaul and repair of gas turbine engine components, specifically Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) gearboxes, oil pumps and inlet housings. The Company is a FAA approved repair station, Certificate #OHRR712K, and had been accepted by the European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA) as an approved source of maintenance for EASA controlled aircraft components.

At Ohlinger Industries our professional engineering staff is ready to serve your needs from manual repairs/service bulletins to DER repairs, as well as handle your OEM overflow. State-of-the-art CAD and CAM systems, machines, manufacturing processes, as well as tooling, have been instrumental in the company maintaining its high reputation in the aerospace overhaul and repair industry. A variety of machines including jig bores, mills, lathes, grinders are at work to complete projects on time. Additionally, Ohlinger has a complete quality assurance department, as well as non-destructive testing, welding, hand finishing, masking, painting, chemical conversion coatings and finishes, hydrostatic and air pressure testing.

While having the most modern and reliable equipment necessary to do the job, equally if not more important are the personnel. A team of overhaul experts takes years of dedication to assemble and train. We pride ourselves on the length of service our employees have, which we believe has given us a positive worldwide reputation in the aerospace industry.

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